London Fashion Week with Dr.Lipp!

It's London Fashion Week darlings...and Dr.Lipp has a backstage pass! Uber talented make-up artist Maria Papadopoulou (we just loooooove her!) gave us full access to the Pronounce show...featuring Dr.Lipp of course! Natural, glowy skin was the core of the looks, with lead make-up artist Maria using the CBD Calm Balm's intensely nourishing formula (which is packed full of 50MG CBD Oil for hydration that won't quit) on the lips as a highlighter. And Maria's team even used the newest addition to the Dr.Lipp family - the BFF Balm, which features ONLY two 100% natural ingredients, medical grade lanolin and coconut oil - as a glossy clear eyeshadow and on the models cheeks for a glistening glow! Talk about #allyouneed!

Focusing on the natural beauty of the models, Dr.Lipp was the perfect product that enhanced that natural glow! Shop the multi-use range now