71% suffer from sensitive skin, an increase of 55% in 2 decades!

(Aveno Report Oct 2022)

Welcome to Dr.Lipp

Dedicated to 100% natural, stripped back beauty because nowadays almost everybody suffers from sensitive skin at some point. We've taken the stress and cost out of lengthy beauty regimes and distilled your daily routine to fewer but excellent multi-use products with under 10 high performing easy to understand ingredients so you'll have natural radiance with minimal effort.

Because there is an intrinsic connection between the environment and your skin we've made it a priority to pioneer sustainable packaging. All our products are 100% recyclable which means there will be no more skincare products in landfill if we all use Dr.Lipp. Using Dr.Lipp products will help reduce your carbon footprint and toxic chemicals leaking into the environment eventually polluting your body.

Here are some facts you might want to know;- Globally air pollution is getting worse due to climate change (World Health Organisation). If that's not bad enough, water pollution has jumped 50% in just ten years (Environment Agency)! And now they're finding micro plastics in people’s bloodstream. We might not know for sure if it's all connected, but coinciding with the rise in sensitive skin and autoimmune diseases, 12% diagnoses increase every year (National Health Council), we think it’s time to strip it back and embrace our natural essence.


  • 100% Natural Not 95%

  • Under 10 Ingredients

  • Bio Plastic Sugarcane Tubes

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Fragrance-Free

  • Only Multi-Use Products

  • Cruelty Free

  • Phthalates Free


1. 100% Natural not 95%

We are committed to using only 100% natural ingredients certified by ISO or Cosmos. Why? Because we want to be sure you can be sure there are no fossil fuels, nor fragrances in our products.

2. Under 10 Ingredients:

At Dr.Lipp are the first brand to commit to under 10 100% natural ingredients in each product. The average number of ingredients in the beauty industry is a whopping 40 ingredients so we decided to endeavour to reduce this because it is the most impactful way we can reduce carbon emissions! We worked out that our commitment to under 10 ingredients will on average reduce your carbon footprint by an amazing 75%. And that's just taking into account the transportation savings.

3. Bioplastic

Bioplastic is the next big way we can make an impact. By using 100% recyclable, carbon-capturing packaging made from plantations of Sugarcane instead of fossil fuels we can reduce emissions by 30% and our footprint by 42%. Yes its a little more expensive, but we think so worth it!

4. 100% Recyclable:

Recycling is the best way to reduce your waste, and reduce microplastics. 82% of beauty products are not recyclable but at Dr.Lipp we are 100% recyclable! So do remember to recycle properly!

5. Fragrance Free

We all know that fragrances contain allergens. The very few that don't have any allergens don't smell so good. So we decided to leave the fragrances out so you can be sure there are no allergens at all in our products. Besides, recent research is showing that our natural smells are simply the best!

6. Multi-use:

By going multi-use you're not only saving yourself from buying more products but it also means less products in the rubbish bin. Our All You Need range of four compacts 23 every day products into just four! Less fuss but more immortally less waste in every sense of the way.

7. Cruelty Free
And lastly we do NO testing on animals!


“We are the first brand to commit to under 10 ingredients for every product we make. The average for the beauty industry is a whopping 40 ingredients, all of which needs to travel from the farm to the warehouse to the refinery to the distributor to the manufacturer etc. Transportation pollution amounts to 28% of the world’s pollution (Environmental Protection Agency). By committing to under 10 ingredients we have made the most important step to reducing our pollution: reducing the average carbon footprint by 75%.

In 2004, Dr. Lipp wasn't about creating a brand. It was about finding a simple solution for my dry skin. But as I researched, I was surprised. Many brands claim to cater to sensitive skin, yet their products contribute to the pollution that is damaging our skin. 

Our skin is porous, so what we put on it matters. That's why Dr. Lipp uses under 10, 100% natural ingredients. We're not just about effective products, we're about a clutter-free routine that simplifies your life.

Imagine mornings that flow seamlessly, travel essentials that fit in your palm, and cabinets free from forgotten purchases. Dr. Lipp goes beyond convenience. By choosing us, you choose a healthier you and a healthier planet. 

Our commitment to natural ingredients and recyclable packaging reduces landfill waste by 80%. This minimises microplastics and protects our water systems, promoting biodiversity. Every simplified routine creates a ripple effect for a healthier future.

Embrace your natural glow and join the Stripped Back Beauty movement.”


What is Stripped Back Beauty?  

It’s all about natural radiance with minimal effort. Simple routines with fabulous multi-tasking products with natural ingredients. Embrace your unique features, and supporting a healthy lifestyle for a truly glowing you. Take back control of your time and say no to stressful beauty regimes that cost you a fortune! Dr. Lipp is your beauty shortcut to glowing skin and unshakeable confidence. It saves you time and money, while nourishing your skin with clean, effective formulas. Plus, our commitment to minimal packaging keeps the planet happy.

Are we cruelty free?

Yes is the answer. We believe in beauty that's kind to both you and all living things. That's why Dr.Lipp is proudly cruelty-free. We never test our products on animals, and we're committed to developing gentle, effective formulas that respect all creatures. So you can feel good about looking good, knowing no furry friends were harmed in the process.

Are we Vegan?

We offer some vegan options like All Ways and Before N' After! Others, like Original Nipple Balm, Superfood Lip Tints and BFF, use Lanolin from ethically sourced wool. The wool is boiled and the oil that comes from wool is called Lanolin! Shearing is actually good for sheep's health, keeping them cool and preventing illness. We're always working on expanding our vegan range!

Are we phthalates free?

Yes there are no Phthalates in our ingredients nor in our packaging. (Check with isobel)

Do Multi-Use products work?  

Yes they do! The Original Nipple balm is a fabulous example. It was originally marketed for breastfeeding women but it is so effective at wound healing that it became our best selling multi use balm. Most people used it on their cracked lips. We’ve decided to tell you what the product does so you can decide where to apply it. 

Multi-use products are your key to streamlined beauty, not sacrificing effectiveness. We create products that are about what they do, and not about creating a new one for each part of your body just to bump up our profits. We want you to live easily and wildly, so you can prioritise freedom over fuss.


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