Your Festival Survival Kit 

Festival season is here! Between the tents, questionable showers, and general chaos, who wants the hassle of a 15-bottle beauty routine? At Dr. Lipp, we get it. Here's how to look fierce all weekend without the overflowing washbag.  

Festivals are for fun, not fussing with a million bottles. Dr. Lipp's Wash & Glow is your all-natural hero, for cleansing and conditioning your hair and skin.  

All Ways is your one-stop cleanse. Get rid of the bulky bottles! This single product replaces your face wash, makeup remover, body wash, shampoo, and even shaving gel.  

Before N' After is your post-shower saviour. This all-natural wonder acts as a conditioner, hair mask, face lotion, and body lotion - all in one convenient tube. Tame flyaway's, re-hydrate your skin, and keep your hair healthy.   

Glitter Goals: The Nipple Balm Hack They Won't Tell You About 

Glitter: the ultimate festival accessory. But glitter migration is a real problem. Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm has a secret life as a glitter primer. This multi-purpose balm creates a sticky base that keeps your sparkle exactly where you want it - all festival long. Plus, it soothes any glitter irritation. 

Embrace the glitter, conquer the crowds, and dance this festival season with confidence and a glow. 

Latitude: It has everything from music to poetry to wellness. Perfect for a girly weekend away or for the whole family (July 25-28)  

Wilderness: We highly recommend taking a dip in the lake! For the ones that want to dance, feel free and eat delicious food (August 1-4)  

Shambala: For the free-thinkers, this is less about the headliner but more about good vibes and feeling magical (Aug 22-25)