A Tale of Natural Beauty and Bold Beginnings


It's 2004, and the beauty world is awash with products more synthetic than a polyester suit.

Enter Dr Lipp, crashing the party with ‘The Original Nipple Balm,’ a beacon of hope for parched skin and the UK's first knight in shining armour that's 100% natural and multi-use.

Innovation in a Tube

Two decades later, Dr. Lipp has become synonymous with innovation. In our eco-friendly lab (think more green oasis than mad scientist's lair), we are busy bees, crafting high-quality, 100% natural products.

Our goal? To declutter your skincare routine with ingredients that love your skin and the planet in equal measure.

Join the #StrippedBackMovement

Dr. Lipp needed to be so much more than a skin product for us. We wanted it to be about feeling, looking, and doing good.

By joining our #strippedbackmovement, you're not just pampering your skin but casting a vote for a healthier planet.

Our philosophy is as simple as our ingredients list: fewer ingredients, less waste, and a whole lot of love for our world's biodiversity.

The Mastermind Behind the Magic

So, who is the wizard behind the curtain?

None other than luxury handbag designer Pontine Paus. Inspired by her Norwegian roots, where battling dry skin is a national pastime thanks to the unforgiving winters, Pontine saw the potential for something great.

Initially using the balm to keep models' lips and skin hydrated during her handbag photoshoots, she quickly realised that it could have broader appeal.

With a little help from a friend, Dr Lipp was born in 2004 when it quickly ascended to cult status, and soon became a favourite of maestros such as Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath.

More Than Just a Balm

Fast forward to today, and Dr. Lipp has evolved but our ethos remains unchanged. We're not just selling a balm; we're leading a revolution, championing the cause of natural beauty and sustainability. Being part of Dr Lipp means you're part of something bigger—a movement dedicated to beauty that's as kind to the earth as it is to your skin.

So, hats off to Pontine Paus. Dr. Lipp started with a single product and a big dream, now, we invite you to join us in making that dream a reality for everyone.

Because beauty isn't just about looking good—it's about making a positive impact, one tube of balm at a time.