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Zoom Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm 6 pack. 100% natural balm for nips, lips, & glossy bits
Zoom Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm 6 pack uses - lip balm, lip gloss, cuticle cream, eyelash conditioner, glossy highlighter, glitter glue, dry skin salve, nipple balm, beard balm, brow balm
Zoom Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm 6 pack in sustainable packaging

mega rich balm. 100% natural-origin. 8ml

6 Pack Original Nipple Balm

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  • 100% natural-origin
  • 100% multi-use
  • Only 1 Ingredient
  • Fragrance & Allergen Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • For All Skin Types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Bioplastic Tubes
  • 65% PCR Caps
  • FSC Paper
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Cert Clean
10-in-ONE 1. Lip Balm 2. Lip Gloss 3. Cuticle Cream 4. Eyelash Conditioner 5. Brow Balm 6. Beard Balm 7. Nipple Balm 8. Dry Skin Salve 9. Glitter Glue 10. Glossy Highlighter

6 Pack Original Nipple Balm




1. Lip Balm

apply a pea size amount to bottom lip and rub lips together 


2. lip gloss

apply a pea size amount to bottom lip and rub lips together 


3. nipple balm

apply pea size amount to nipples and let hydration sink in 


4. eyelash conditioner

gently massage only eyelashes from root to end and let soak in 


5. brow balm

brush onto eyebrows for desired shape 


6. cuticle cream

rub a small amount into nail beds 


7. beard balm

rub a thin layer into facial hair for instant hydration 


8. dry skin salve

gently rub the Original Nipple Balm to any dry areas from head to toe 


9. glitter glue

apply thin layer to desired area, pat glitter on top for finished look 


10. glossy highlighter

dab into cheekbones for a glossy sheen 


Replace 10 products with just ONE...We love our balm to be just like our other halves…rich and long lasting… The ‘Original Nipple Balm for dry skin, luscious lips & glossy bits’ is our long standing hero! So gloriously rich, it's famous for its long lasting & instant hydrating effect, which is why MUA’s love it on photoshoots. And this 6 pack will have you, your BFF, boyfriend & whole family covered! Its multi-use versatility is infamous, historically used as a nipple balm, this 100% natural formula is so versatile, so safe, any skin type can use it  to rebalance, hydrate, nourish, soothe, plump and even help heal all types of dry, sore, cracked, itchy or sensitive skin anywhere. Need we say more?!

what makes this Dr.lipp's hero?

We’re glad you asked! Our hero only has 1 ingredient – medical grade lanolin which is a wonder ingredient. It is so similar to your skins natural lipids that it is like applying more of what you don’t have enough of. It’s even proven to reduce skin dryness by 40% in the first hour, so you can feel the effects almost instantly! Plus it will last on your lips & bits for hours!

why is it called nipple balm?

Our founder created our hero balm after discovering the magic of Nipple Balms used in breastfeeding. She took on the word, and the rest is history! If it’s good enough for your nipples, It’s good enough for all other bits!

what's the scent?

The Original Nipple Balm barely has any smell at all and we've added no fragrances or flavours at all! Most fragrances contain allergens. We wanted no irritants at all so you can be as natural as you can be.

Only 1 100% natural-origin ingredients


Medical grade lanolin from Australia-used for its instantly hydrating & moisturising qualities


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We switched to Bio Plastic tubes made from Sugarcane in 2022 as part of our initiative to get to net ZERO emissions by 2025. Ideally, we would be using compostable tubes but sadly technology is not there for tubes yet. So until then we’ve committed to only using Bioplastic for all our tubes. The great thing about Bio plastic is that it is made from a renewable source which is sugarcane which actually captures carbon from the atmosphere into the ground. As opposed to plastic made from fossil fuels which does the opposite. Bioplastic is a little more expensive, but we think it’s worth it.


All our caps are made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic. 65% is the maximum amount of PCR we could use whils keeping the stability and integrity of the caps, which need to be harder and more stable than the tubes.


In 2002 we made the decision to move away from wrapping our products in cellophane and uncertified paper to a commitment to only use FSC certified paper. When you purchase FSC-labelled products you’re helping forests, and the people that rely on them, thrive by supporting: zero deforestation, fair wage and work environments, community rights, and supporting the change from preservation to conservation. 

100% recyclable

Every component in our packaging is recyclable!

Provenance Proof Points

Over 35+ amazing awards

Our Original Nipple Balm has won over 35+ amazing awards, not just for our fabulous products and natural ingredients, but ourgreen credentialsas well. That’s a long list, so here’s a few of our proudest.

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