100% natural ultra rich balm


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100% natural ultra rich balm


  • Face Balm
  • Hand Balm
  • Body Balm
  • Foot Balm

Who says 4 into 2 won’t go? This concentrated, ultra-rich balm does the job of 4 products with just 2 amazing ingredients. Meltingly soft and dewy, this nourishing fusion of medical-grade lanolin and Malaysian coconut oil drapes skin in a vitamin E-enriched blanket of moisture for soothing skin comfort. 

Fragrance-free, re-balancing, and like a hydrating hug in a tube, your new forever-there-for-you friend will happily deliver top-to-toe long lasting moisture in one glorious sweep.

Why you'll love it

  • for all skin types (perfect for dry skin)
  • 100% natural-origin
  • 100% multi-use
  • only TWO 100% natural ingredients
  • fragrance & allergen free
  • phthalate free
  • cruelty free
  • bioplastic tubes
  • 65% pcr caps
  • 100% recyclable
  • cert clean
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Why so good
100% Recyclable Packaging

Who doesn’t want an ultra-rich, totally dependable, and multi-talented best friend? One that’s won 13 awards, just for being a brilliant mate? One that’s as happy smoothing hands as it is gliding over a peaches & cream complexion to add suppleness and glow.

Seriously, this has got to be the best double date you’ve ever had.

Wanna Know why?

This incredible balm is formulated with lanolin and coconut oil, a dream team for deep hydration.Wondering what that means for you? It delivers intense, overnight moisture that lasts 8 hours or more. So, wake up with glowing, supple skin that's ready to take on the day!

How to use it

Is it dry and in need of luscious, locked-in moisture? There’s your answer. 

Well, to be fair we can expand on that a bit. Think of a body part, and even if it’s not a hand, BFF will fit it like a glove. Rich and thick across skin, sit back, and gently sigh at how nourished and smooth you feel. See, love at first swipe.

What's the scent?

The BFF barely has any smell at all and we haven't added any fragrances or flavours. Not. A. Single. One. Most fragrances contain allergens. We wanted all of our products to be irritant-free, so you can live your best life embracing being natural and kind to your skin.

Ditching plastic for Sugarcane!

In a major step towards our goal of zero emissions by 2025, we've replaced all our plastic tubes with ones made from bioplastic – a sustainable alternative made from sugarcane! Regular plastic tubes are made from fossil fuels, but bioplastics are different. They're not only made from a renewable resource that captures carbon dioxide from the air, but they also reduce our carbon footprint by up to 42%. Bioplastics production also consumes 65% less energy compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics. While the dream of fully compostable tubes isn't quite here yet, bioplastics are a huge win. They're just as durable as traditional tubes, but much better for the planet. This switch might cost a bit more, but a healthier planet is worth every penny.

65% Recycled PCR Caps

Our PCR caps are 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, basically giving countless plastic bottles a second chance. This might not be 100% recycled plastic, but there's a science to it. PCR caps need some extra muscle to stay secure. 65% is the sweet spot for peak performance and environmental impact. We're always pushing boundaries though, so who knows – maybe your future PCR cap will be fully recycled very soon!

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  • 1. Face Balm

  • 2. Hand Balm

  • 3. Body Balm

  • 4. Foot Balm

Customer reviews


Roberta on Nov 26, 2022

I absolutely love the BFF Balm! There isn’t a better all-around soother out there. However, I have noticed that the pink capped tubes develop a crack right at the point where the screw part of the tube meets the body of the tube — makes the whole thing incredibly messy. I haven’t noticed this issue gold caps.

Sigurdur Arngrimsson on Sep 17, 2022

I'm a man and I loved this. It's sorted my dry feet and hands out completely. Love it! Highly recommend it! Sometimes I even use it to soften and style my beard.

Only two 100% natural ingredients

  • Coconut Oil

    Our Malaysian Coconut Oil is a gift for your skin. This deeply nourishing oil leaves your skin irresistibly soft and supple.

  • Medical Grade Lanolin

    Australian medical grade lanolin, nature's finest moisturiser, envelops skin in luxurious hydration for a radiant, long lasting glow.