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Zoom Dr.Lipp Superfood Tint 3 Pack. 100% natural tints for lips, cheeks, and eyelids
Zoom Dr.Lipp Superfood Tint 3 Pack uses - lip balm, gloss eyeshadow, glossy blush, tinted lip gloss
Zoom Dr.Lipp Superfood Tint 3 Pack in sustainable packaging

100% natural-origin ultra rich plant tint. 8ml

Superfood Tint 3 Pack

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  • 100% natural-origin
  • 100% multi-use
  • Only 5 Ingredients
  • Fragrance & Allergen Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • For All Skin Types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Bioplastic Tubes
  • 65% PCR Caps
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Cert Clean
4-in-ONE 1. Lip Gloss 2. Lip Tint 3. Cheek Blush 4. Tinted Eye Gloss

Superfood Tint 3 Pack




1. lip balm

apply a pea size amount to bottom lip and rub lips together 


2. tinted lip gloss

apply a pea size amount to bottom lip and rub lips together 


3. glossy blush

dab into apples of your cheeks for a tinted glow 


4. gloss eyeshadow

use the tip of your finger to tap balm onto lids for desired look 


Replace 4 SKU’s with just ONE...Why settle for ordinary when you can have hydrated and glowing skin! That’s where our Superfood Tint 3 Pack comes in handy babes! Have a hint of tint for every mood…choose from the beautiful natural pink of the Sweet Potato, the fresh coral of Red Radish, and the deep burgundy of Elderberry for oh so kissable lips & bits! Now here’s the fun stuff…the plant pigments are soooo rich in natural antioxidants and our formula is so ultra hydrating, that you’ll have to be shooing suitors away in no time! Each tint can be used as a long lasting lip gloss, lip balm, cheek shine and even glossy eyeshadow. So, when you’re in need of an instant colour pick me up, this has you covered babes!

What's the scent?

The Superfood Tints barely has any smell at all and we've added no fragrances or flavours at all! Most fragrances contain allergens. We wanted no irritants at all so you can be as natural as you can be.

where does the colour come from?

Glad you asked! The Superfood tint colour comes from anthocyanins – edible plant based pigments which are 100% natural and pack a punch of gorgeous colour!

What are the shades like?

There is a shade for everyone in here! Our Sweet Potato has a beautiful natural pink tint, the Red Radish has a super fresh coral shade, and our Elderberry is a sexy deep burgundy.

Only 5 100% natural-origin ingredients


Medical grade lanolin from Australia-used for its instantly hydrating & moisturising qualities

Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice from Guatemala - used for its soothing & moisturising qualities


Elderberry Preservative from USA-a natural preservative that will protect your balm from bacteria

Corn Starch

Corn Starch from China-helps the pigments stay evenly suspended within the balm

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Pigment from China-anatural colouring agent rich in antioxidants


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We switched to Bio Plastic tubes made from Sugarcane in 2022 as part of our initiative to get to net ZERO emissions by 2025. Ideally, we would be using compostable tubes but sadly technology is not there for tubes yet. So until then we’ve committed to only using Bioplastic for all our tubes. The great thing about Bio plastic is that it is made from a renewable source which is sugarcane which actually captures carbon from the atmosphere into the ground. As opposed to plastic made from fossil fuels which does the opposite. Bioplastic is a little more expensive, but we think it’s worth it.


All our caps are made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic. 65% is the maximum amount of PCR we could use whils keeping the stability and integrity of the caps, which need to be harder and more stable than the tubes.

100% recyclable

Every component in our packaging is recyclable!

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