Winter Skin SOS!

Hello you gorgeous humans! You've come to the right place for all things dry skin here babes! The temperature has dropped, and it’s time to re-think your beauty routine!

We’re sure you’ll agree that this chilly weather is a total drag, darlings! The cold weather and wind is a sure fire way to make your poor lips parched. Our multi-use balm is deliciously thick and provides a chic winter coat for your kissers to stay lovely and hydrated! Made from 100% natural medical grade Lanolin, our super nourishing balm won’t dry out your lips and will keep horrid winter skin at bay! Even dab some onto dry skin patches on your hands and nose to soothe chapped skin asap!

Did you know the origin of Lanolin goes waaaayy back – it has been used for centuries traditionally as a ‘nipple balm’. The core ingredient, lanolin, was cited in the world’s first encyclopedia of medicine dated as far back as 90AD. So illustriously amazing, it proved to be almost identical to our skin’s natural oils and so complex, scientists still can’t reproduce anything as good as the real deal. So no wonder it works so well on dull, winter skin!

Trust us, you won’t want to leave the house without Dr.Lipp darlings!

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