Why is fragrance free so important?

We all love a sweet smelling perfume from time to time...but did you know that those gorgeously scented skincare products may be doing your skin more harm than good?

As we know that putting things on our skin does absorb it, the premise of reading ingredients and doing prior buying research is becoming a norm. Educating ourselves regarding the ingredients and properties of skin care ingredients is so important to our health.

As many people suffer from sensitive skin, even skin that is not normally sensitive can have adverse reactions to fragrance. Fragrances in skin care products have resulted in the most common negative skin reactions. The unfavorable reaction that scent in fragrances can result can happen to all skin types. Damage from chemicals residing in synthetic fragrance may not show a primary reaction by skin aggravation on the surface. The short-term problems of these chemicals will worsen in the long-term.

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