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When it comes to ingredients – less really is more!

Here’s a fact that may well blow your mind. Did you know that the average cosmetic product contains 30 - 40 ingredients?! In non-natural products these ingredients can contain a lot of nasties designed to “bulk up” or to add a fragrance to it – enter those sneaky microplastics.These are not good for us humans or for our lovely planet and that’s why at Dr. Lipp we have stripped back and kept it simple.

Less is more with ingredients

The fewer ingredients, the less chance of irritation and allergies. Also, it’s good to know exactly what we are using on our skin and hair right?!

We don’t use any non-essential items and our products only contain a maximum of 10 completely natural, high-performance ingredients that are multi-use and completely allergen free.

This commitment means that we keep useless fillers out of our products and reduce the value chain by a whopping 70%  - making sure we are reducing our carbon footprint but never compromising on the quality of our products.

So, let’s look at the ingredients we use here at Dr.Lipp…

- Aloe Vera Juice

- Corn From Sustainable Palm

- Coconut Oil

- Brassica Oil

- Sugar Cane Bagasse

- Cassia Oil

- Medical Grade Lanolin

- Rapeseed Oil

- Sustainable Palm Oil

- Chicory Root

- Maize

- Sugar Beets

All 100% natural and all specifically formulated to keep your hair and skin hydrated and healthy. 

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