What Causes Dry Lips?

The feeling of dry lips is not only bad, but leads to the daunting thought of how, in only a brief time, you will be left with chapped lips. Part of letting your lips not dry out includes doing your homework on all the things that put the soft texture of your luscious lips at risk.

Here is a sneak-peak into the most common reasons why lips dry.


The difference between your skin and the skin of your lips is that your lips don’t have oil glands. They can become dry much faster than the rest of your skin surface. Dry lips are considered an indicator of the entire body dehydrating, especially if you do not drink enough during the day. When you combine this with exposure to UV rays, and wind exposure, viola! The perfect recipe for dry and chapped lips nightmare!


Certain nasal allergies can lead to your mouth feeling dry and your lips a bit cool. This is similar to when you have a cold and are forced to breathe all day long through your mouth. Having air constantly going back and forth through your lips can dry them.

People who have sleep apnea or snore in their sleep frequently end up waking up with dry and chapped lips. In this situation, the ideal solution is using Dr. Lipp everyday to maintain or restore your lips to their glossy and soft selves.

Licking Your Lips Too Much

Some people have a habit of smacking or licking their lips, especially when they feel slightly thirsty. The thing about feeling slightly thirsty is that for most, it is not worth stop doing what you are doing and getting yourself a glass of water. But feeling thirsty means you are already dehydrating so drink up.

Constant licking evaporates the saliva that leaves you with shrunken and dry lips where the upper layer is separated from the moist layer underneath it. Biting and chewing your lips can cause the same effect, therefore try and kick the habit by applying Dr. Lipp’s original balm for lips. The great thing about this formula is that it is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Cinnamates and Citrus

The acid present in citrus fruits can easily irritate ones lips. Food products like tomato sauce are not only painful but also irritating, especially if your lips are already on the brink of drying. Cinnamates are present in toothpastes, gum, and in candy.

Excessive Vitamin A

If you are taking too much Vitamin A, or too many supplements, it might just be the reason behind your chapped lips. When you take over 25000 IU of the Vitamin in a day, it’s excessive. Some experts even claim that Vitamin B deficiency can cause cracked lips.

Not Protecting Your Lips

Never forget your lips when you are applying sunscreen to your skin or moisturizing your face. It is not enough that you apply a good lip product when you sleep at night, you must apply one as you leave the house as well. This is so that your lips are shielded from the harsh elements outside.

Some of the situations where you need to bring your ‘A’ lip protection game is during chilly seasons, when you are out on a sweltering summer day, when you spend the day at the beach, or when you visit a dry sauna.

It is important that you take care of your lips just as much as you would pay attention to any other part of your body. A long lasting, additive free lip replenish is just the thing you need to rescue you from lip foes.