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Welcome the BFF Balm!

Oh darlings, have you heard the amazing news?! We have launched our BIGGEST product yet with the BFF Balm! Our first ever skincare product, the 100% natural BFF Balm will be your ultimate #bff for your skincare routine.

Dr.Lipp’s BFF Balm is your skin’s best friend and the ultimate multi-use skincare solution! Harmoniously combining 100% MEDICAL GRADE LANOLIN and luscious COCONUT OIL, you get the gloriously thick and long lasting moisture from our hero Lanolin which retains moisture, paired with the rich Vitamin E and proteins from the Coconut Oil that helps nourish and protect skin from cracking to help create beautifully hydrated skin…all over! Use Dr.Lipp’s 100% natural BFF Balm to treat dry skin everywhere, to soothe irritated skin and for anywhere else on your FACE, HANDS, BODY AND DELICATE AREAS!

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