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We know…we know…you’ve used a foamy face wash or body lotion that smells gorgeous, and you feel like you’ve found a really good product. Well unfortunately this is not always the case.

Fragrances are not beneficial for your skin and can do more harm than good. It may be lovely to smell like a mango but in fact, synthetic fragrances in skincare can cause allergies, irritations, redness, and increased sensitivity. Some skin experts even state, the better the product smells, the worse it is for your skin.

4 different images of Dr Lipp products in nature: All Ways, Before 'N' After, BFF, The Original Nipple Balm

We wanted to make a change in the skincare and beauty world, and it was after we founded Dr Lipp in 2004 that our Original Nipple Balm became the FIRST 100% natural multi use skincare product to launch in the UK market. Knowing that it was safe to use on new-born babies, we decided to stick to the same philosophy for all our products and that brings us to where we are today.We now have ten products in our range that all promise the following:

100% fragrance & allergen FREE 

100% natural-origin

100% multi-use 

Max 10 ingredients per product

Instead of ingredients made in factories, we make our gorgeous range with Aloe Vera Juice, Sugar Beets, Coconut Oil, Sugar Cane, and lots more lovely natural ingredients that don’t harm us or our planet.

If you have not tried our products before and you want to strip back and go 100% natural, then a great place to start is our “All You Need” kit.

This essential pack features our best sellers, that in total, combine 22 products into 4!

All you need pack in nature

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Our All Ways everyday wash can replace your shampoo, body wash, face cleanser, make up remover and shaving gel.

The super hydrating Before n’After replaces your hair mask, conditioner, face, and body lotion.

Our ultra-rich BFF is your new face cream, hand cream & body butter.

Finally, our hero Original Nipple Balm will look after your dry nips & bits and replace your lip balm, lips gloss, brow balm, cuticle cream and lots more!

…and if you need a little more persuasion to go 100% fragrance free then you can save £16 when you buy all these full-sized products as a kit. Just follow this link to purchase All You Need.

We’ve stripped back, will you?