The latest beauty trend : skinimalism

Skinimalism is the biggest skincare trend of 2021, according to (Pinterest Predicts).The concept is simple: instead of focusing on the heavily made-up look, the emphasis is on simplifying your skincare routine while accepting your skin's natural texture and using multitasking products to get glowing skin, and this is where Dr.Lipp’s 100% natural multi-use products come in of course! With every product in the range having multiple gorgeous uses, you can take control of your skincare routine and let your skin glow from head to toe! Minimal skincare that packs a you have one less thing to worry about darlings! From our hero Original Nipple Balm which can be used as a long lasting lip balm, cuticle cream, for flyaway hairs (and so much more!), to our new BFF Balm for all over gorgeous hydration for your face, hands, body and delicate areas...let your natural beauty shine with skincare that is easy to use, long lasting and care free! So, simplify your life with Dr.Lipp!