Join our #StrippedBackMovement

Show our planet some love, join our #StrippedBackMovement.

Okay, let’s start by breaking things down. 

It is reported that beauty and skincare packaging amounts to approximately 120 billion units a year, most of which, ends up in landfill and takes over 450 years to break down.

Pretty terrifying right?

Around 70% of the beauty industry’s waste in the UK alone comes from packaging. 14% of it makes it to a recycling plant, only 9% is recycled and the rest heads directly to landfill. (Source: British Beauty Council).

Image on waste in landfill

There is such a focus on packaging when it comes to fighting for shelf space and sales and often the more expensive and “luxurious” the product is, the more non-essential packaging you will find.

Nowadays, most consumers are ending up with more packaging than product, and most of that packaging is destroying our planet, our oceans, and our wildlife.

The cosmetic industry is becoming such an environmental issue that the LCA Centre found that if refillable containers were used for cosmetics, a whopping 70% of carbon emissions associated with the beauty industry could be eliminated.

The good news is that consumers want change. In a survey by Hubbub, The British Beauty Council found that:

   - 91% of British consumers want less packaging.

   - 88% want to be able to refill their cosmetics.

   - 90% want clearer information about how to recycle.

Globally, larger corporations have pledged that all their plastic packaging will be designed to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025, so that’s a start.

Although some smaller companies like us are there already…

Dr.Lipp Before N'After All Over Conditioner in Packaging against flowers

Here at Dr. Lipp ALL our packaging is 100% recyclable and ALLWAYS will be.

We have worked hard over the years to formulate gorgeous packaging (if we do say so ourselves) that is made up of:

   - 100% Bioplastic sugarcane tubes

   - 65% PCR caps

   - 100% FSC paper

   - 100% Recyclable

Dr.Lipp Eco Packaging

All our products are 100% natural-origin, made with no fossil fuel derivatives and are completely microplastic free which means there are NO microbeads heading down the drain and into our oceans. 

At Dr. Lipp there is no greenwashing and no lies. Just gorgeous, multi-use products that will keep you glossy and glorious from head to toe.

Say goodbye to shelves full of lotions and potions – now you can replace 23 everyday products with just four. From body wash to hair conditioner and lip balm, we have got you covered.

Suitable for every kind of skin and even safe for new-borns…what more could you need?

When you buy Dr.Lipp you are not only making a healthier choice but you're also helping to reduce waste which will ultimately support our planet's biodiversity.

Happy planet makes happy healthy people. 

Join us in our #strippedbackmovement and reduce your carbon footprint today.

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