Self-Care for All: Superfood Tints Nourish the Dignity Moves Community

From Social Impact to Self-Care: Dr. Lipp Supports Dignity Moves

Dr. Lipp has always believed in the power of self-care to uplift and empower. This belief is echoed in the work of organisations like Dignity Moves, a beacon of hope offering safety, stability, and a path to rebuilding lives for those experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. 

A Shared Passion for Change: Pontine Paus and Elizabeth Funk

Our founder, Pontine Paus, understands the importance of giving back. While Dr. Lipp focuses on self-care through 100% natural products, Dignity Moves, led by Elizabeth Funk, tackles the issue of homelessness head-on. Elizabeth's dedication to social impact aligns perfectly with Dr. Lipp's mission of creating a positive impact.

Elizabeth: Championing Social Impact in San Francisco 

Elizabeth's influential career demonstrates the power of combining financial acumen with a deep social conscience. Her unwavering commitment extends to homelessness advocacy in California for nearly two decades, directly contributing to the development of housing and support services for vulnerable communities. 

Dignity Moves has created 7 housing communities and provided 496 beds for people that have found themselves homeless due to the housing crisis in San Francisco. 

Healthy Skin, Happy Hearts: Nourishing the Dignity Moves Community

We at Dr. Lipp understand that self-care is a cornerstone of well-being, especially for those facing challenges. That's why we're honoured to donate our nourishing Superfood Tints to the Dignity Moves community.

More Than Makeup: A Touch of Confidence and Care

These 100% natural, multi-use wonders go beyond makeup. They offer a touch of pampering, a boost of confidence, and healthy, radiant skin – all in one convenient package.

We want everyone at Dignity Moves to feel loved and supported, and these Superfood Tints are our way of showing we care.

Our Superfood Tints harness the natural power of fruits and vegetables to deliver a touch of colour and a boost of nourishment. Packed with antioxidants and hydrating properties, these tints provide long-lasting care for all skin types.

  • Superfood Elderberry Tint: A beautiful berry hue rich in anthocyanins, offering antioxidant protection.
  • Superfood Red Radish Tint: A vibrant pink shade brimming with vitamins and minerals for healthy skin.
  • Superfood Sweet Potato Tint: A warm coral colour infused with beta-carotene and Vitamin A for deep hydration.

With a swipe of colour, our Superfood Tints not only enhance natural beauty but also nourish the skin and provide long-lasting hydration. It's a small act of self-care that can make a big difference.

By supporting Dignity Moves and offering nourishing self-care products, Dr. Lipp is committed to creating a ripple effect of positive change.