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We absolutely looove your Instagram! Can you please tell us how you got started?

That’s very kind of you, thank you. I obviously spend a lot of my time (both work and pleasure) on the Internet however it wasn’t until after I had my baby, Leo that I decided to take my Instagram seriously. I couldn’t help but notice there was a gap in the market for a mother who showcased Modern-Motherhood. Becoming a mother is the greatest gift of all, but it doesn’t mean you should loose your identity in the process. #bossmum is my guide to surviving and thriving at work and home.

"I love the gorgeous colours, how moisurising they are and how ahead of the game you are in regards to your branding and marketing, the natural realm needs some modernizing, so it’s great to see you’re leading the way!"

You have been incredibly successful in your carer, talk us through your journey!

I would say I’ve always been an entrepreneur, from an early age I was always trying to find myself a side hustle. Designing my own t-shirt line to launching a blog, which lead me to my first career success, being head hunted to become the Editor of MTV Verge Magazine at 18 years old. It was my curiosity at Verge Magazine that led me into the world of Digital PR. I couldn’t understand why we was asking celebrities for their beauty and fashion advice, when half of the brands they recommended our student readership couldn’t afford. It was with that I decided to go out and interview ordinary girls and guys that I knew students would aspire to but were still relatable. Little did I know I was out interviewing “bloggers and influencers” before they were officially given the title of “bloggers and influencers.” Aimee, a “blogger” I interviewed for Verge magazine asked me to help her make an income from her blog, with the agreement that any money she made I would take 20%. Within the first 6 months I signed her with Reiss, Karen Millen and Fiat 500. With that my agency, Rosalind Shimmen Communications was born which soon advanced and developed into a more investable product, The Influencer’s Diary.

What was the inspiration for The Influencers Diary?

The Influencers Diary is a mobile app that connects Influencers with industry events, paid campaigns, travel and gifting opportunities – All in one convenient place ( We are most PR’s best kept secret as we’re able to secure influencers to attend events, guarantee social media coverage in exchange for event invites or product, share print screens of coverage stats and brands can label all of this, taking full credit of our services. Please see link below to a video explaining how the app works:

I built the app as it was something I wanted as a PR and something I wanted as an Influencer.

Did you feel like there was a gap in the market for an app like this?

Absolutely, the future of influencer marketing is transparency; we’re just ahead of the game!

What has been your best career highlight so far?

I wouldn’t say there is one highlight that springs to mind, however I still can’t quite believe we’ve worked with so many established brands (Olay, Song, GiffGaff, Samsung and Huawei to name a few) and we’re not even 2 years old!

Which beauty products can you not live without?

My lipstick and lip liner… Oh and shellac nails, does that count? You could be wearing minimal makeup to a meeting but as long as your lips and nails look immaculate, you’ve pretty much got the job!

What is an average day like for you?

That would be depending on the day, as I try to limit going into Central London 2 days a week now, the rest will be spent at home working and looking after Leo.  But lets talk you through a day in Central…

10am – Leave the house, 45-minute commute into central (I use this time to catch up on my social media and then as soon as I’m underground I will read my book… I’m OBSESSED with business books!)8am – Wake up call (I’m lucky my baby is a great sleeper, 8’o’clock on the dot he wakes me up)

11am – Influencer event / Club – I try to attend 1 influencer event per week. I usually get invited to these through being an influencer myself; here I catch up with my influencer friends… and make new ones!

1pm – Lunch meeting and catch up with one of my clients.

3pm – Meeting with PR Agency or brand (My Influencer’s Diary head is on for this one)

5pm – Industry event – Again I usually get invited to these through being an influencer myself or it may be one of the events that is currently on The Influencer’s Diary for that evening.

7pm – Home time (Missed rush hour, yay!)

8pm – Catch up with my Husband (At the moment we’re obsessing over Prison Break)

10pm – To bed we all go (Yes Leo too, he is a night owl)!

What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to take the first step in a new business or career path?

Find something that you love and throw yourself into it. If you don’t ask you don’t get” and “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” are pretty much gospel when it comes to being successful in my industry. I’m constantly on social media researching the next big trend, building relationships with like-minded people via social media, following industry experts I look up to on LinkedIn and attending networking events to build personal relationships. You get out what you put in.  

What advice would you give to your younger self?

 Don’t underestimate yourself.

Do you have any tips for balancing such a busy schedule?

 Lists, lots of lists! I write my weekly list every Friday and follow it religiously; it keeps me sane and my life on track!

What do you do in your down time? 

Working for yourself is a blessing and a curse,  you can’t ever really switch off but it does give you a lot more freedom than it would if you were employed. Both my husband and I are self employed, which means we’re able to travel often. We are currently chasing the sun and try to escape England once a month. As long as we have wifi we can pretty much work from anywhere. We just prefer to do it, on the beach.

Can you tell us your best beauty tips?

I don’t really have any; I’m pretty low maintenance. I’m lucky to be blessed with clear skin and long hair, my husband is a nutritionist so we have a pretty clean diet and use clean products (He is a huge fan of Dr.Lipp too) the less toxic you put on and into your body the happier your body will be.

What is next for you?

Currently I’m focusing on building my personal profile. My aim is to really grown my social media following, become the go to influencer for Modern-Day Motherhood.

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