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Perfectly Packaged.

Our packaging is something that we have worked tirelessly on. To reduce our carbon footprint, we only use materials that are kind to our planet and only create multi-use products.

4 images of Dr.Lipp Skincare Products in Packaging in flowers

The Carbon Footprint is the measure of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted over the life of a certain product. The life of said product includes manufacturing, transformation and even transporting so there is a lot that goes into it.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that a third of landfill waste is from the beauty industry, and 120 billion units of packaging a year comes from beauty products.

Pretty scary statistics, right?

Just the carbon footprint of the beauty industry in Europe is a hard one to ignore which is why we have done all that we can to make sure we don’t add to it.

So, let’s look at our packaging… Our little tubes and boxes of perfection are made up of:

- 100% Bioplastic sugarcane

- 65% PCR caps

- 100% FSC paper

Dr.Lipp Eco Packaging

All our packaging is 100% recyclable and completely sustainable, and because all our products are multi-use there is A LOT less of it! By replacing 23 products with just 4, think how much packaging waste that stops.

Our range is suitable for the whole family, regardless of age and skin type, meaning that the number of products you need for your household is also a lot less. Say goodbye to endless plastic bottles of lotions and potions and hello to four clever products that do it all.

Let’s all work on reducing our carbon footprint and look after this gorgeous planet of ours.

We’ve stripped back, will you?