All 4 products (Allways, BFF, Before N'After, Original Nipple Balm) from All You Need Bundle on grass with text 'Pack like a pro'

The summer has finally arrived, and we don’t know about you, but we are ready to get out there and explore this beautiful world we live in. Planning your next adventure is the fun part, and packing sometimes, is not…

So, whether you are jetting off on holiday and need to be pack smart, or need to make sure your rucksack is light enough to carry on those treks, here’s our top tips:

- Look for lightweight luggage, the lighter the bag, the more you can take.
- Make a packing list and try to stick to it.
- Weigh your bag.
- Roll your clothes rather than fold them – this will make sure you can get more in!
- Choose light, quick drying fabrics.
- Take clothes that have multiple purposes – for example a poncho could also be used as a ground sheet to sit on.
- Wear larger / bulkier items like walking boots and waterproofs to travel in.

…and when it comes to skin and hair care, that is where we come in…
Imagine being able to replace 22 products with just 4 – well now you can!

Dr.Lipp All You Need Products in travel bag

Our 100% natural and fragrance-free products are all multi use and come as a set. Our All You Need Pack fits perfectly into the clear airport security bags, or save even more space with our handy travel kit – 4 x 30ml bottles of everything you need to keep your skin and hair gorgeous, glowing, and glossy.

Our All Ways everyday wash can replace your shampoo, body wash, face cleanser, make up remover and shaving gel.

The super hydrating Before n’After replaces your hair mask, conditioner, face, and body lotion.

Our ultra-rich BFF is your new face cream, hand cream & body butter. 

Finally, our hero Original Nipple Balm will look after your dry nips & bits and replace your lip balm, lips gloss, brow balm, cuticle cream and lots more! 


All You Need Pack Dr.Lipp

Better still, by combining so many products into only 4, we’re reducing packaging alone by 73% and approximately 70% actual product wastage. 

When you buy Dr.Lipp you are not only making a healthier choice but you're also helping to reduce waste which will ultimately support our planet's biodiversity – let’s look after our beautiful planet together so we can keep exploring it.

Dr Lipp All You Need Travel Pack