model wearing balm

Super talented make-up artist Mia Miocu takes us through her gorgeously glossy editorial! We know you’ll fall in love with this look, just like us!

Can you tell us about the chosen look? What was the inspiration for it?

For this look, the mood board was bold and colourful. To be honest, I was not entirely sure what to do, so my friend and photographer @joelenekylie, said “just go with the flow and follow your heart”. And here we are.

 What products did you use to create the look?

I always start with skin care. A 3 in 1 micellar water to remove dead cells, any dirt or traces of makeup, followed by a serum and a rich nourishing moisturiser, and of course for lips, Dr.Lipp original balm. As a big fan of multi-use products, I created a flawless base using Danessa Myricks Colorfix Nudes in various shades, as a concealer, eye base, contour, and for blush, Vision Flush in “bread’n butter”. The star of the show is a single pan eyeshadow, shade “310” from the body shop. It is very pigmented and beautiful. It has been also used on top of a red lipstick to give more depth, and to create a smudged effect on the lips.

 Any tips for anyone at home that want to recreate a similar style?

A flawless base is the key for this look. Using such strong and vivid colour, will emphasise any challenging areas of the face. Also, a very important step is to exfoliate your lips, and massage a generous amount of balm into, to keep them smooth and hydrated. Colour wise, any bright pink, with a satin finish will do just fine. Make sure everything is well blended, to avoid any harsh lines, and just enjoy the process.

"I mainly use Dr.Lipp as a lip balm, as well as on any dry areas of the face or body, like cuticles, elbows, knuckles, ears, around the nostrils or as a cheek and brow bone highlighter."

What would you say your signature look is?

My signature beauty look is a polished, glowy, looking skin, with beautiful full brows and a soft eye makeup. I also love creating colourful looks, or anything that involves glitter. Everyone loves glitter.

Here at Dr.Lipp, we make multi-use skincare solutions to keep life simple and reduce our carbon footprint – Do you think it’s important to streamline your beauty kit?

As a makeup artist I am all for multi-use, simple products. Sometimes we have so much to carry, especially when we travel, so something that can serve different purposes is just amazing. Saves space, time, effort to carry all that weight and most important is more hygienic, especially during these times.

 What would you be doing if you were not a make – up artist?

Ever since I was little, I wanted to save as many animals as possible, so my dream is to have an animal sanctuary or an animal centre for wildlife rehabilitation. My family is no longer surprised every time I bring home an animal that needs help. So basically, I would love everything that involves animals.

What items should everyone have in their kit?

I am all about great skin care, dedicated to your specific needs. A healthy skin is the perfect base for makeup application. So, I always recommend investing in a good cleanser, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and most important SPF. If you are to choose one skincare item that is a moisturiser with SPF for sure. And of course, good quality brushes. Brushes can make a huge difference.

Who is your dream client?

My grandma! She was an incredible woman, who loved everything beauty and skin care.  My grandmother was a master in homemade beauty remedies. We would always buy her a fancy moisturiser or a perfume for her birthday or any special occasion. She was an example of how important is to feel good in your skin and look after it.

 Do you have any career highlights so far?

Every day I get a chance to do what I love is a privilege. For me makeup is not just playing with some products or colours, is the relationship you build with the people you work with. The experience you offer through makeup. I made so many friends and met amazing individuals, that became such an important part of my life and I am forever grateful for.

What is a day in the life like you for?

OH, that is very tricky! Obviously, no day is the same, but regardless of what my plans are for the day, my first step is skin care routine then breakfast. I prefer something light, like fruits or cereals, just to set the day. I do not leave the house without doing these 2 steps. If I work that day, I get ready for work or if I am off, I catch up with my loved ones, watch lots of videos with cats. Nothing beats a funny video with cute animals. I either watch a movie or clean my flat, or if I have a job next day, I make sure it is all set and ready. I like to be as organised as possible, even though these days, making plans is a luxury.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received and what is the best advice you could give?

Makeup is such a personal experience, so very important to always be kind, put yourself in the other person’s place. Try to see from their perspective. Most important, do not gossip and don’t make assumptions, and just have fun.

 What do you like about Dr.Lipp?

I truly appreciate a brand that has a positive impact on the beauty industry. A cruelty free brand, that offers multi use solutions in order to make our life easy and reduce waste.