100% natural

Let's go all the way....100% natural that is! Did you know the average woman consumes 3kg of lip products (balms, glosses, lipsticks) every 10 years (happyskincare) ? So why are we still using products that aren't 100% natural and ridden with chemicals? Don’t let the toxins get you down and go 100% natural with Dr.Lipp of course!

Being more environmentally responsible and conscious has never been higher on our agendas. Which is why all Dr.Lipp’s ingredients are certified by Ecocert ‘of 100% natural origin…not 99%’! We are so proud to be one of the few beauty brands bringing you ONLY 100% naturally certified ingredients…better for you and the environment. It’s all or nothing for us!

Founded in 2004, Dr.Lipp has been promoting 100% of natural origin ingredients and products since the very beginning! Our multi-use skincare solutions focus on high performing, high quality ingredients from sustainable and natural sources – so you’re getting the best for your skin! Nature provides the best solutions – Dr.Lipp is committed to only using a maximum of 10 ingredients across our range, all 100% naturally certified ingredients, not 99%!

Dr.Lipp is FREE from petrochemical ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants, using environmentally friendly production, recyclable packaging and an absence of GMO. We of course do not test on animals and believe nature provides excellence!