Dr.Lipp Nipple Balm & BFF in nature with text on top saying "Let's hear it for Lanolin"

Okay, this first bit may sound a bit strange, but stay with us. Your skin will thank you.

Lanolin is a secretion from sheep’s skin and its purpose is to condition and protect the wool. It is extracted after the sheep has been sheared so causes no harm or pain to them (that’s not how we roll) it is certified vegetarian and cruelty-free.

Lanolin can hold twice its weight in moisture, behaving as a kind of reservoir. This combined with its conditioning properties are why we use it to hydrate, nourish, soothe, and plump your skin. It makes a great After Sun product if your skin has caught the sun.

The Original Nipple Balm and BFF placed on sheeps wool by some wood

Our Original Nipple Balm contains just ONE magical ingredient – yep, you guessed it: 100% medical grade Lanolin. Safe enough for new-born babies, this gorgeous balm contains absolutely no nasties and will give you hydrated skin, luscious lips, and glossy bits. It will also help heal dry or cracked skin and bring it back to life again.

Our BFF contains Lanolin and coconut oil and is your best friend when it comes to dry skin. This gentle but extremely effective balm provides long lasting ultra-rich hydration and can be used on your face, hands, and body!

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