Keeping Well

With all the new changes taking place around us, disruption in our lives of some sort is imminent. Not to let that stress you lovelies! A change to our usual rhythm, can bring about stress but here at Dr.Lipp’s HQ, we will share ways of boosting positivity and staying Mentally Well for the times that lie ahead of us! Social isolation means less interactions in general throughout the day, but it also gives us a chance to be in touch with our loved ones in different ways. We are incredibly lucky to live in a place in time that offers us unlimited connectivity through our fingertips. Try and stay in touch with other people regularly on social media, e-mail or phone! Make sure that each day you set some time for yourself and that you prioritise your wellbeing! Create a new daily routine and plan in sometime to exercise, learn a new craft, try some new relaxation techniques, or pick up that book you keep meaning to start. Try and view the current situation as an unusual experience that we must find the silver lining to. Try not to spend too long reading and listening to the news as this can fuel stress and anxiety. Strive for a balance as good information is knowledge! But be mindful of where you get your information from! Quality information can put your mind to rest from misinformation and rumours that get spread around as much as the virus itself. Lastly try to make sure you’re eating healthy well balanced meals and drinking enough water. Stay safe! x