Head shot of Luli in mountain field

Allow us to introduce you to Luli – a passionate yogi, surfer, snowboarder, and all-around adventure extraordinaire. Born in the heart of Argentina, nestled among the majestic Andes mountain range, Luli's upbringing was infused with a deep love for the outdoors and nature.

3 images of Luli in mountains, one holding Dr.Lipp BFF

Now firmly rooted in Verbier, Luli wholeheartedly embraces the mountain lifestyle. The crisp air, snow-covered peaks, and the symphony of nature are her constant companions. Whilst the beautiful mountains provide a playground for Luli, the harsh elements can take a toll on her skin. That's precisely why Luli swears by Dr. Lipp – her ultimate go-to for maintaining well-hydrated, oh-so-fresh skin.

Here's are Luli's handpicked favourites:


"One of my must haves is the All Ways, I love the freshness and cooling feeling of aloe from this product. If I go on a surfing trip the idea of only needing this one product for my hair after the surf and wash my face after sunset drinks is the best!"


"I'm a simple kind of girl who still loves to take care of herself with natural products. My hair and skin are constantly exposed to sun and wind due to an active outdoor life, so the Before N'After is great to keep my face hydrated and glowing and at the same time apply a few drops on the tips of my hair."


The CBD Beetroot Tint gives a natural colour and shine to my lips.

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