How to Apply Moisturiser

What is moisturiser?

Moisturiser is a skincare product that keeps your skin hydrated. It’s an essential step in your skincare regime, no matter your skin type. Yes, even the oily girls amongst us need it! Generally, it’s an emulsion made of water, oils, and other hydrating ingredients. These may include lanolin, shea butter, and glycerin, all of which are proven hydrating ingredients. It can come in different textures depending on your skin type – dry skin babes will benefit from a thicker, more occlusive cream or balm, while oilier skin types might prefer a gel consistency.

What does moisturiser do?

A moisturiser’s primary purpose is to add and retain moisture in your skin. But they can also do so much more than that! Some moisturisers have been developed with acne-fighting ingredients to help clear up your skin while moisturising it, while others can also mattify shinier complexions. You don’t have to limit your moisturiser to just your face. Our necks can often be neglected when it comes to skincare, so make sure you’re including that area in your regime. Multi-purpose balms and moisturisers can also be used on any dry patches on your skin, or any areas that need a little extra TLC. Applying moisturiser on your lips before your lip tint can also add extra hydration that you can seal in with your hydrating AND occlusive balm. Win-win!

How long does moisturiser last?

If you’re applying your moisturiser twice a day as recommended, it should last you all day after a morning application and all night after your evening skincare routine. But people with drier skin types could benefit from reapplying throughout the day – it’s all about finding what works for you! Rather than lugging a moisturiser around on top of your lip balm, makeup, and everything else in your bag, we recommend using a multi-purpose balm for those on-the-go touch-ups. Our lip and nipple balms are designed to be used anywhere where you need a bit of extra hydration!

How to apply moisturiser

Moisturiser should always be applied to clean skin. You can apply it directly after you’ve washed your face – bonus points if you apply while your skin is still damp – if your skincare routine is nice and straightforward. If you use treatment serums or retinol on an evening, you should be applying your moisturiser after these steps. While it’s perfectly fine to apply moisturiser on dry skin, dermatologists recommend applying when your skin is slightly wet. Not only does the water help the moisturiser penetrate your skin better, the moisturiser will also lock in the water as an added boost of hydration. This works for all skin types, whether you’re a dry-skin gal using a heavy cream or balm or you’re using a gel moisturiser for your oilier dermis.

How much moisturiser should I use?

We recommend a dollop that’s between a 5p and 20p coin. This is enough to effectively hydrate your skin without overdoing it. The last thing you want is to be stocking up on moisturiser all the time because you’re using too much without any additional benefits!