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Here at Dr. Lipp, everything we do centres around two things: happy, healthy humans and a happy, healthy planet. We create only 100% natural multi-use products, that are safe to use on all ages (even new-born babies!) and all types of skin.

Nowadays, so many nasty chemicals and ingredients are found in our household items, cosmetics, and even foods, it is hard to avoid them all.

We can promise you that our products and packaging do not contain any of the following and never will. 

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NO Parabens or Phthalates

Sadly, the two most common Xenoestrogens and these chemicals are not good for us humans or the planet AT ALL.

Our products and packaging are and always will be 100% Paraben & Phthalate free.

No Hormone Disrupters

The human body is dependent on hormones for a healthy Endocrine system as this controls many biological processes. Minor disruptions in those levels may cause significant developmental and biological effects.

According to the Endocrine Society, there are nearly 85,000 human-made chemicals in the world (gulp!) 1,000 or more of those could be Endocrine Disruptors, based on their unique properties.


Triclosan, Paraben and Phthalates are Endocrine Disrupters commonly found in the cosmetic industry but NOT HERE!

No Estrogen

Speaking of hormones, many personal products like shampoos and creams contain steroidal and non-steroidal Estrogen marketed to promote hair growth or as an anti-ageing product. The British Cancer Prevention Partners state that:

“Scientists believe that use of these hormone-altered products might be contributing to the increased incidence of breast cancer, especially among young Black women.”


No Fragrances or Allergens

Our mission is to make safer products available to everyone. We've stripped back ALL fragrances and made sure every single ingredient is certified 100% natural origin so you can be sure there's no allergens in any of our products

No Microplastics

Hardly visible to the human eye, these forever polluting plastics are used in products as a thickening agent at a very low cost to the manufacturer.

Just one shower alone is thought to send 100,000 microplastics down the drain and into the ocean, causing serious harm to marine life and our planet so it’s a hard NO from us!

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So, what can you expect from Dr Lipp products?

100% natural ingredients
100% fragrance free
Only multi-use
Max 10 ingredients per product
Bio Plastic tubes
The latest in sustainable packaging

Say goodbye to bottles of harmful lotions and potions in your home and hello to four daily skin & haircare products that do it all!

Suitable for all of your family, completely chemical and nasty free!

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