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Does Your Skin Change in Summer?

The weather is changing, and so is your skin! Did you know skin concerns vary throughout the year based on the weather conditions? And just because it’s warm and sunny, doesn’t mean your skin is any less dry! Sometimes, people experience even more chronically dry skin in the warmer months due to longer sun exposure, not drinking enough water in the heat, and even from chlorine pools and sea salty ocean wicking away moisture.

But don't worry darlings! Dr.Lipp is here to help calm, soothe and heal dry skin areas all over, even adding some glossy hydration to your face, legs, lips, cheeks and so much more! All you need is Dr.Lipp's 100% natural range! From the new BFF Balm (which is sure to be your new best friend this summer), that can be used from head to toe as an all over moisturiser, to our Superfood Tints that not only keep eyelids, cheeks and lips hydrated, but also add a pop of colour, and even our intensely nourishing CBD Calm Balm which can be used as a targeted hydrator for dry patches all over...say goodbye to dry skin this summer!