Camilla Cottle - Founder of Silver Stable

We chat to Equestrian Inspired sustainable jewellery brand founder Camilla Cottle about all things beauty, female founder and of course…her amazing Silver Stable collection! We just love her creativity and gorrrgeous designs!

First off, we want to say how amazing your designs are. We’re obsessed! Can you tell us more about your brand and how your got started?

Thanks! Well, I was working as a food research and development manager and on maternity leave, when I chanced across a local jewellery making workshop and thought that it sounded interesting. I wanted to challenge myself and learn a new skill.

On my first day, I realised I had found my passion! I instantly fell in love, and it just felt so natural to me.

To begin with, I just made pieces for myself. However, soon family and friends were asking me to make pieces for them, then friends of friends and the business just evolved from there. After that, I just never looked back. I set up The Silver Stable in March ’20 (just before the first wave of the Pandemic hit), and we have grown steadily ever since.

What has been one of your best career highlights so far?

I think a major highlight for me was when we got our first every international order. Its amazing to know people are buying your products in the UK, but to know people all over the world are looking at your brand and your designs are being worn in so many different countries, that is really special.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career so far?

I would say there have been a couple of challenges;

The first I think was starting up just as the coronavirus pandemic hit. There are so many pressures and challenges faced when starting up a new business anyway but to have the pandemic thrown in there as well added to the stress!

The second challenge is trying to juggle life around the business. Being a mum of a toddler, having my own horses that I compete at National level and running The Silver Stable is always a balance that is hard to maintain but you just have to be super organised and I’m lucky to have great support from my husband, family and friends.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Try not to over think things and worry so much and just go for it!

I love that Dr.Lipp is 100% naturally certified with no nasties added in! I have quite sensitive skin and it easily gets irritated so I always look for things that are not going to upset it.

What is an average day like for you?

It changes day by day but a familiar routine goes something like this;

I get up, have breakfast and coffee and give my son his breakfast. I then leave home and get him to nursery. After that I make my way into the studio.  I’ll sit down with a coffee and check our emails for any new orders and do any admin that needs catching up on. I’ll catch up our marketing team most days to update them on any new product developments and sort through media requests. By mid-morning I’ll start making up the new orders. For example, I’ll solder pieces onto a bangle, or polish the stirrups on a necklace. Because everything is made to order, I never know what I’ll be making on any given day until I open our emails. I tend to pop back into the house grab lunch and then eat it in the studio whilst doing more admin such as posting on social media. I still love to manage that side of the business personally. In the afternoons I complete any unfinished orders and, once they’re done, they’ll be packed ready to be sent out to our customers. Late afternoon I head over to the horses to ride, feed and muck them out whilst my husband picks our son up and then it’s time for tea. Horses are and always have been a big part of my life and I’m so lucky to have mine at home with me. My love of horses has been a big influence on my jewellery design, with a strong pull towards that classic equestrian style, which is forever fresh yet timeless. Once my little boy has gone to bed, I try not to work in the studio but I often catch up on admin on my laptop in front of the TV whilst having some down time.

What do you do in your down time? (if you have any!! Ha-ha)

Ha! yes, it is a struggle to have huge amounts of down time! I try and compete my horses at weekends so they take up a lot of the time outside of work and the weekends. But we often try to have a family day on Sunday where we will either head to the Lake District which is near us or head out for a nice lunch somewhere or even just a chilled afternoon in the garden!

Which beauty products can you not live without?

Hmm…that’s a difficult one because there are so many! In terms of skincare, it has to be a good cleanser, serum and moisturizer (with SPF!) and in terms of make-up, I’m definitely a concealer, bronzer and mascara girl!

Can you tell us your best beauty tips?

Always wear your SPF!! I wish I had started wearing it when I was younger but it was never as widely available as it is now and I was never really told to protect my skin. The sooner you start wearing SPF the better for your skin. Another is stay away from facewipes but double cleanse instead! Start with a decent cleansing balm first to remove your make up and then use a good cleanser to give your face a second wash.

What is next for you professionally and personally?

We have some gorgeous new designs which I am now working on, which we hope to launch in time for Christmas and personally, to see my friends more! I missed them so much during lockdown, we still have so much to catch up on!

Do you feel strongly about knowing what ingredients are in your beauty products? Why?

Yes definitely. Like I said I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what I put on it nowadays. I have had reactions to products in the past so knowing that I can see the ingredients and what’s in it I can make a judgement as to if it is going to be ok for my skin before using it.

If you could encourage others to make one lifestyle change today, what would it be?

Drink more water!!