Bryony Blake

Makeup Artist

Takes us through her Television cover shoot with the gorgeous Oti Mabuse!

The make-up artist behind some of our fave shows, Strictly and Dancing on Ice, Bryony is one of the biggest names in the beauty biz! Oh we just couldn’t wait to chat to Bryony and go #BehindTheLook of her Television cover shoot with the stunning Oti Mabuse. Read on, you know you want to darlings!

Can you tell us about this look? The look on Oti was for the launch of the Greatest Dancer, so we wanted it to be fresh fun and vibrant. I absolutely love the colour that she was in and also the background colour was really important so we made her make up very simple but beautiful.

What products did you use to achieve this look?
I always prep the base with hydrating and dewy products, this insures me that her base will look immaculate. I love Armani Luminous silk foundation for a natural foundation. And I always contour with cream products like the Fenty concealers. For the eyes I wanted to keep it quite simple so we went with brick and berry shades to compliment the dress. The Morphe Vault eye shadows are my absolute go to at the moment for these kind of shades. On the lips I wanted a deep brown but nothing too obvious so I went for a chestnut lip liner and antique velvet Matt lipstick (both by Mac.)

Any tips on how to recreate this look?
Just keep it simple, go with colours that compliment your eye colour, I love bronze, Taupes, Berry shades as I feel they suit most people. Just always remember start off lightly as you can always add more. The same with your lip colour too, this look wasn’t dramatic statement I took inspiration from the movement and tones of the dress.

"I have used Dr.Lipp in my kit and personally for years. I love the texture of it as it’s super shiny but without being sticky and really hydrates your lips for hours! The Tints are fantastic for adding a little colour to your lips without tit being a statement lip. And I just love the fact it’s 100% natural!"

What was the vibe like on set?
It was a pretty long day, we started very early as each person had to be photographed and interviewed separately and also together at times so those kind of things always take time. We always make it fun, we love to listen to music while we’re shooting to get whoever is being photographed in the mood and of course there’s always lots of dancing!

What would you say your signature beauty look is?
That’s a really hard one as I try to find what really suits the person I’m making up and just enhancing what they have. I do love effortlessly and perfect skin I’m not a heavy base makeup artist. The key thing I try to achieve is, I want my makeup to look beautiful not just on screen but off as well.

If you weren’t a make-up artist, what would you be doing?
I have always wanted to be a makeup artist since I was at school, but if I didn’t do that I thought I’d be a Nanny or Nursery teacher ( which is what my sister does now funnily enough) I think it’s because I love using my imagination and making up games and kids just want to play all day and don’t take anything too seriously and I love that!

What items should everyone have in their kit?
A good set of Brushes, palettes, I love all my makeup to be in Palettes rather than carrying around individual items and a good sturdy suitcase to carry everything in!!!

What beauty products can  you not live without?
Mmm there are so many…. I’d say lip balm for sure, I have one in every bag and in my car ( and of course it’s Dr.Lipp ) Eye lash Curlers, mascara and maybe a cream Blusher as it can double up as lipstick. I mean I’m whittling it down to 3/4 items as we’ll be here all day!

Do you have a dream client?
I get asked this a lot and I was thinking I would love to work with Gaga, just because I don’t think there’s any limitations with her and she’s so creative. But my dream client is just someone who’s kind, funny and isn’t afraid to take risks and trusts you. I think that’s all any makeup artists wants in a client to be honest.

What would be your career highlights so far?
Oh my…there are a lot…. I’ve got to go to some amazing places in the world and be party of such unique experiences. I love being part of the This Morning family and presenting the Beauty item. I guess the first time I did that was a huge moment for me personally. I still get nervous but I do love it.

What is the average day like for you?
Well that depends what I’m working on, that’s the beauty of my job no day is the same. But I guess when I’m on Strictly for example, we get into work around 9am as the first person is in our chairs by 10am, we have an hour with them then they go rehearse, we have a bit of down time but in short bursts and that’s when we all get to catch up ( on Strictly we’ve all been friends for years which is so nice) then we watch dress run to see our makeups on camera, if there’s any notes we adjust the makeup then we get everyone ready for the live show! That’s when we’re running frantically backstage making sure we’ve checked out celebs and dancers, mop up any sweat or tears. Once the show ends we de-rig all the hair and makeup pack up and I get home around 12.30am…. it’s a long day but I love every second!

What do you do in your downtime? 
On my days off I tend to catch up with friends or go back to Sussex to see my family, we love all getting together and having a big lunch or dinner and playing board games… we love a board game in our family!!!

What is the best piece of beauty advice you ever receive…and what is the best beauty advice you can give?
My mum always told me not to pluck my eyebrows, Luckily She allowed allowed me to make them into TWO eye brows ( I’m hairy and yes I had a mono brow) Ha ha But I’m actually so grateful of that as I have always had a good shape brow while all my mates that over plucked really struggle!

I guess my advice would be don’t over complicate things, try and find a makeup style that suits you and you feel confident with rather than forcing a style that you’ve seen on someone else and want to make it work! We’re not all meant to look alike and we all can feel beautiful in our own style.