model wearing balm

Cruelty Free Make-Up Artist

Dr.Lipp talks to the spectacular Brooke Simons about all things glowing skin, must-have beauty products and of course…the Backstreet Boys? We just looooove her!


Can you tell us about the chosen look? What was the inspiration for it?

I love playing with colour. I also love fresh skin, so a pop of colour on the eye was the perfect way to incorporate both. This shoot was for a really cool clothing brand that uses a lot of gorgeous bold prints and bright colours. It was a swimwear shoot so the inspiration was Summer vibes.

What products did you use to create the look?

To create this look I used a small amount of Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted moisturiser mixed with Becca Cosmetics liquid highlighter. The model had such a beautiful complexion so I wanted to keep it as natural as possible using minimal product. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow on the brows, Becca Cosmetics Luminous Blush on the cheeks and I used Star Gazer neon pink liquid liner on the lids.

Any tips for anyone at home wanting to recreate a similar look?

My tip, as always, would be down to the skin prep. Make sure the skin is well hydrated and prepped for make up application. A bright top liner is a great way to bring some colour and excitement into a natural look so have fun with it! Add a gorgeous pink lip and matching flush on the cheek – you can use the pink lipstick as blush by taking a small amount on your fingers and blending it into the cheeks too.

What would you say your signature beauty look is?

I would say my signature look is definitely glowy skin, flushed cheeks and fresh brows. That’s how I would like to be remembered!

"I love Dr.Lipp for use as a lip balm but also for small dry patches of skin. I have one that lives in my kit, and the other in my handbag for personal use."

Here at Dr.Lipp, we make multi-use skincare solutions to keep life simple and reduce our carbon footprint – do you think it’s important to streamline your beauty kit?

I absolutely do. Using lip products on your cheeks, using cheek products on your lips/eyes etc. When I transitioned to a completely cruelty free kit at the end of last year there were a lot of products I was unable to use so I made sure they were donated or I would finish them off where I could. Buying palettes with eyeshadows, bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one place is also a great way to be more environmentally friendly, and savvy with your kit/make up bag space.

What would you be doing if you were not a makeup artist?

I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. Maybe nail art, I’ve always enjoyed having fun with my nails – it would have to be something creative as that’s what fuels my passion.

What items should everyone have in their kit?

Oh this is a tough one as there are so many products I couldn’t live without! My absolute must have staples in my kit would be of course Dr.Lipp lip balm for the perfect lip prep and base, a great moisturiser, I adore Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre moisturiser and suitable for most skin types. Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr primer – skin prep is everything. Daniel Sandler water colour and gel blushers for a soft but dewy finish and a great concealer like Glossier Stretch Concealer.

Who is your dream client?

Another toughy. I am very big on manifesting and my board is full to the brim of incredible people I want to work with. They are also people who have inspired me and I WILL work with them (always manifesting)! I think my ultimate would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker but Ricky Gervais is also on my list – it’s a very broad list!

Do you have any career highlights so far?

I have had lots of career highlights and am so grateful for each and every one of them. I think my biggest highlight would be working with the Backstreet Boys. I was such a huge fan as a kid and had to pinch myself a couple times when I wound up grooming half of them. Especially when I was packing up my kit and Brian got his guitar out and started playing. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

What is a day in the life like for you?

Well, everyday is so different. It can either be going to a client’s house or hotel for some red carpet glam at any hour of the day (5am starts aren’t unusual) or a full day in a studio with a clothing brand.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you ever received and what is the best piece you could give?

Skin prep is of paramount importance to any look. When creating a smokey eye, ensure you build up your product gradually. ALWAYS take your make up off at the end of the day and exfoliate once a week.

What do you love about Dr.Lipp?

I love knowing that if I apply Dr Lipp during skin prep, by the time I get round to applying lip liner and lipstick, the lips are always hydrated and perfectly ready for application.