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Time up for Karanel

Lead, plastics, asbestos. Not words that exactly fill you with joy when you think of your favourite cosmetics and skincare. Sadly, toxic chemicals have been used in products for longer than we want to think about.

The good news is – the industry is now being carefully regulated and consumers are becoming savvier when looking at ingredients. Finally large cosmetic companies are being forced to step up and take notice.

Hand stirring chemicals in lab

More than 1600 chemicals have now been restricted or completely banned in personal care products in Europe and over 80 countries. The USA has a little way to go with this – but that’s a story for another time.

These chemicals have been linked to bad health and / or potential damage to the environment and each year, more are being added to the list. In 2022, 40 further chemicals were banned and in 2023 there will be even more.

Ingredients or chemicals banned in 2022 included (but not limited to)

- Penflufen
- Flurochloridone
- Paclobutrazol
- Silicon carbide fibers

    Hard to pronounce, but easy to find worrying information about,  these harmful ingredients have been linked to allergies and skin irritation with some even being harmful to internal organs. Nearly all were found to be dangerous to Aquatic life as well.

    An ingredient that is heading for a ban in 2023 – is Karanel. August 27th is the deadline for placing cosmetic products containing Karanal on the European Union market. This colourless liquid, with a woody / fruity odour, is used in some cosmetic products with others as a perfuming agent.

    Karanel Chemical Structure

    The ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) added Karanel to the list of “Substances of Very High Concern” hence the ban that this year. It has been proven to be toxic to Aquatic life and can even be harmful if it comes into contact with our skin.

    Now, here at Dr. Lipp we don’t have a problem with ANY of these nasty ingredients being BANNED, in fact, we celebrate it. They don’t feature in any of our products, and we work hard to make sure our 100% natural skin & hair care contain only good things for you, and for our planet. 

    Our products never have contained any toxic ingredients, and they never will.

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