Ainsley Tarlinton

Super creative makeup artist Ainsley Tarlinton takes us through her Orange glam look – we just love it!

Can you tell us about the chosen look? What was the inspiration for it?
The look I chose was a earring inspired series I did a few weeks ago, I purchased all different types of earrings off a website called Shein. I then did matching makeup looks for each pair! This pair was the oranges.

What products did you use to create the look?
I used a lot of paints & water actives liners for this look, as well as eyeshadow palettes & the usual makeup products you need for every look!

Any tips for anyone at home wanting to recreate a similar look?
Patience is key!! Doing the orange & blocking out my brow took me the longest, definitely took my time & didn’t rush!

What would you say your signature beauty look is?
My signature beauty look would probably be a crazy cartoon, character look that you wouldn’t wear on a day to day basis. I don’t wear makeup often mainly for Instagram or content!

Here at Dr.Lipp, we make multi-use skincare solutions to keep life simple and reduce our carbon footprint – do you think it’s important to streamline your beauty kit?
I do think it is important, there are so many amazing technologies & brands such as yourself that offer these things to make it easier to achieve for us makeup artists.

What would you be doing if you were not a makeup artist?
I studied beauty therapy & nails from a young age, I think I would be working in the beauty industry still or doing social media for a company, I’ve always been into photography & marketing as well.

What items should everyone have in their kit?
Good beauty sponges & good brushes!! You can’t perform your best if your tools aren’t good!

Who is your dream client?
A dream client would be someone who knows what they want, but also knows that everyone is different & majority of the photos that are used for inspiration are models so the makeup look won’t look the same. Also clients that love to chat & trust me!

Do you have any career highlights so far?
Definitely getting onto all of the PR lists I have so far, as well as reaching 10k followers on Instagram! It come so quickly & made me feel like all my hard work is paying off!