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An interview with... A MOTHERS EDIT

You are a busy mum, journalist and highly respected influencer…what don’t you do! Can you tell us a bit more about how you got to this point in your career?

After I had my first daughter Vivienne I went through the whole process of flexible working interviews etc but the company couldn’t offer me anything less than the hours I was already working (which were long and even longer during LFW). So I decided to go freelance which meant no more London office, just me in my kitchen. I needed a reason to make an effort again – so A Mothers Edit was born and I snapped my outfit choices daily to share on Instagram. Since then I never thought I’d get the opportunities I have. Shooting campaigns with highstreet brands, hosting launches and meeting such amazing inspiring women from so many different backgrounds and walks of life. I feel very lucky.

What gave you the inspiration to launch your freelance career?

I was forced into it really. Living in the outskirts of London – the commute would have meant I wouldn’t have seen my daughter in the week, someone else would have been putting her to bed each night and I wanted to be that person so I had to look for other ways to make a living.

"Since then I never thought I’d get the opportunities I have, shooting campaigns, hosting launches and meeting amazing inspiring women"

What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to change careers?

Choose a field you’re passionate about. If you’re passionate about it you’ll love doing it and that’ll shine through for everyone to see which will have to lead to success.

You seem like quite the travel junkie! What is the most amazing place you have been to?

We loved Puglia so much we went back again this year. With two children under four being child friendly is so important but we also like freedom to explore. We prefer to have our own place rather than a hotel and just create a home from home for the family going on day trips around the local area.

What are your best tips for balancing work, a social life, etc?

I am still working on this but just a few months ago I decided to put my youngest in childcare three days a week (the eldest is at preschool and about to start school). It meant those three days are my work days. The days I am with her I don’t work. Phone down, no emails and just me and her (and my eldest when she’s not at preschool). We have play dates with their friends and my friends and at weekends spend time as a family.

Talk us through your beauty routine.

In the morning I wash my face and always dry it with a clean flannel. I have a huge stack of white flannels! I apply my Vitamin C serum, then a hyaluronic acid, moisturiser and finally SPF 50. If I am into town for meetings I have a makeup routine that takes about five minutes. Foundation on my tzone, blush, eyebrows, masacara and a slick of Dr Lipp. In the evening I try and double cleanse but usually as I don’t always wear makeup one good scrub is enough. I love using an evening serum with lactic acid and then a gorgeous lavender pillow spray to help me drift off.

What’s a day in the life for you?

Wake up anytime between 5am and 7am (dependent on the one year old) and start the day with a large glass of water. Some days I prefer not to eat a meal until midday so will have an apple and a coffee, others I will have some eggs and a green juice – the girls love to help me make it and love drinking it just as much. If it’s a workday the girls have their childcare and I will do a quick bit of exercise before starting on emails, a few meetings, perhaps shoot with a brand or a quick outfit snap. Always back in time for the girls dinner at 5pm and then I bath them and put them to bed at 6.30pm. Down to make my own dinner at 7pm and my husband gets home around 8.30pm. That’s when we both relax and chat about our days, get through some life admin…. Or just settle into Netflix!

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy lifestyle?

I love to exercise daily, whether it’s a swim, a quick gym workout or just a stroll around the local park with the girls. We have some gorgeous parks around us in SW London.

What beauty products can’t you live without?

Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Tea Tree oil.

Why do you like using 100% natural products like Dr.Lipp?

My skin is so easily irritated and I’ve had so many issues with products over the years. I know when its natural it wont harm me or upset my skin. And since having children its become even more important to me. I use a lot of Tata Harper products, they’re amazing and 100% natural.