A fat no to phthalates

Phthalates (pronounced phal-eights) are a group of chemicals that are used on plastic products to alter their physical properties.

They are found pretty much everywhere and there is an increasing call for them to be banned as more and more evidence comes out about how harmful they are to us.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of these “everywhere chemicals” it’s worth noting that here at Dr. Lipp, all our packaging is 100% phthalate free and always will be!

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So, what are they used for?

This group of pesky chemicals are used:

1, As Plasticizers to make brittle plastic become more flexible 

2, To bind fragrance to a product (so you see why they are HUGE in cosmetics and cleaning products)

3, Dissolve other materials

Where are they found?

Sadly, in short, the answer is in most places.


Cosmetics and personal care

Wood finishes



Plastic FCMs and other plastic materials




Building materials

What’s the big deal?

These chemicals are not good for us humans AT ALL and as phthalates are not chemically bound to the plastic they are used in; they migrate out over time and contaminate dust and air causing pollutants. 

Studies are ongoing, but exposure to phthalates have been linked to breast cancer, developmental issues, decreased fertility, obesity, and asthma as well as heart disease and disruption of the hormonal system – scary huh? 

Okay, so what can people do?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the most common source of phthalates is food, followed by cosmetics and consumer products. While it’s difficult to avoid them completely, there are steps you can take to minimise exposure:

- Choose fresh, organic food that comes packaging free or in glass.

- People who eat diets rich in fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds have lower levels of phthalates in their blood.

- Use an air filter at home.

- When it comes to household and personal care products look at the ingredient list, avoiding 'fragrance' 'parfum' or 'perfume’.

- With cosmetic items focus on avoiding toxic products that contain synthetic fragrance (again look out for ingredients mentioned above.)

At Dr. Lipp our packaging contain NO phthalates so you can say goodbye to a shelf full of plastic lotions and potions, and hello to multi-use, 100% natural-origin products that are great for you and our planet.

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