4 Dr.Lipp products in nature

Question – have you ever counted how many skin, hair, and body products you have at home? No judgement here, but do you really need them all? All the plastic bottles full of lotions and potions taking up space and falling off the shelf.

The Workplace Health Report revealed the impact of stress on professionals in the UK, with 76% of individuals currently experiencing moderate to high levels of stress. So how about simplifying and making your products work harder for you? More time & money towards exploring this beautiful planet of ours then.

All You Need Bundle in nature

It just feels like consumerism has got the better of us and is making us believe that our well-being and happiness depends on material possessions. The cosmetic industry is crazy when it comes to this and the fact of the matter is, we just don’t need a different product formulated specially for our left elbow!

Here at Dr. Lipp, everything we make is completely multi-use. So, you can say goodbye to bottles full of goodness knows what and rely on just four trusty products that contain everything you need for healthy skin & hair. Better still, each product in our range only contains a maximum of TEN, 100% natural-origin ingredients so you know exactly what you're using!

We feel it's time to make it simple. It's better for you, and better for our planet.

23 uses in 4

Replace 23 every day products with just these four here: