CBD Beetroot tint

Say hellloooo to the newest multi-use addition to the Dr.Lipp family...the CBD SUPERFOOD BEETROOT TINT!

A 100% natural multi-use tint infused with 50MG of broad-spectrum CBD Oil for hydrating, nourishing and easing inflammation, whilst tinting your lips & bits with a SUPERFOOD SEXY DEEP RED GLOSS. Boasting only seven 100% natural ingredients, and no nasty chemicals, our Beetroot pigment is rich in natural antioxidants helping protect and nourish your skin. It is THE tinted hydration boost your lips, cheeks, eyelids & other bits have long been craving and works wonders on all skin types of all ages!

INGREDIENTS: Medical grade lanolin, Elderberry preservative, plant starch, beetroot pigment, 50MG cannabidiol, vitamin C from citrus fruits & plants.

Dr.Lipp has committed to 100% natural, not 99%. i.e. ALL our ingredients must be certified 100% of natural origin a true commitment that we believe is better for you and better for the environment. So what are you waiting for? Get some Dr.Lipp in your lives!

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